Tom La Marche
Outside of Haines Falls, NY
The Catskills
Kodak Tri-X

Bring me back to California…

Braydon Szafranski
Brooklyn, NY
August 2014
Kodak Tri-X

Just got the sickest buttons from an old hippie dude in Central Park (at Central Park New York City)

Yung Paparazzi doing some #BTS photos on our shoot today (at Rodale, Inc.)

The beautiful Siggy
Southampton Beach, NY
Kodak Tri-X

Was lucky enough to shoot my brothers portrait today!!

I barely see enough of him already. Was an amazing experience to show him what work life is like for me and actually get him in front of a camera.

Troy Laffey of SRAM this last Friday.

An honor to meet you, take your portrait, and peek in your toolbox my friend!! (at

Teaching my little brother how to rip skids on a bmx bike!
👌👌👌👌👌 (at McCarren Skate Park)

Good friends. Good light. Great days. Good jobs. And good weather. (at 601 West 26th St)