Just got a couple rolls of film back from two cameras I broke when I was in California. Hot damn.

I think this switchback was between Tennessee cove and Pirates cove. Just outside of Mt. Tamalpais State Park. On the greener side of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Amazing people and amazing places. I can’t wait to go back!

Yashica T4/Kodak Gold (at nolifelikethislife.com)

Forgot about this all day.
Wilis caught me in the dark last night getting a little nose #wheeliewednesdayz on a #CitiBike. These things are heavy!

While on the topic of specific tshirts, I came home to my roommate Bryan actually wearing a photo I shot of my other friend Bryan. Which in turn became a Cetma Cargo shirt. #meta #someta #megameta

The homie Jeffrey Graetsch with one of the raddest throwback shirts

One of my favorite people, Bryan of Bicycle Revolutions in Philadelphia, without his signature beard. There’s a good looking baby faced man under there Bry! Forgot I had this photo.

Olympus Stylus Epic/Kodak Portra


BRAAAAAPPPPPP!! (at Cunningham Park Mtb Trail)

Sunrise. In a car to California.

January 2014.
Yashica T4/Kodak Gold

Tycho at Webster Hall. So tight.

Happy birthday Amy Arbus!!

I’m so incredibly grateful to know and work with this amazing woman. I’ve never met someone so sincere and so unabashedly real. Thank you for calling me out on my bullshit and for practically treating me like family. You’re amazing. Happy 60th!!! (at Highlight Studio)